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Property Project Management Services M.H. Associates provides Building Project Management Services covering areas of planning, organising, directing, administrating, monitoring and reporting throughout the course of the appointment in order to deliver the project goals. This is undertaken through our tailored approach for the specific needs of the project and clients.

We look to provide innovative and value driven solutions as well as the reduction of risk to all our projects. Working in partnership with our clients, we are able to establish, manage and deliver the key success factors for their investment.

Our track record of delivery has enabled us to be our client's first choice appointment as their Construction Project Manager.

Should a full Project Management service not be required we are able to provide alternative services for each project. This includes project monitoring on behalf of the investor or acting in the capacity of Tenants agent. 


Please contact a member of our team to see what we can do for your project today by clicking here.   


Summary of Services

  • Cost Budgeting
  • Estimation Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Production of main & detailed